Hillary Clinton Is Innocent!

It’s the most perplexing thing this country has ever seen. It’s clear, that no matter what the Clinton’s do, most of the country will simply exclaim “Hillary Clinton is Innocent!”. This country has either willingly put their blinders on, or they are just completely stupid.

Here’s how they’re deceived. This is the statement you will hear millions of supporters. “There’s no evidence or proof that she did anything illegal or wrong”. Really?

Allow me to prove to you WHY there is NO EVIDENCE of wrongdoing.


  1. I won’t even review all the previous scandals the Clintons have been the target of where documents and other things that would incriminate them suddenly and mysteriously disappear so they can’t be prosecuted. But the list is looooong.
  2. Deletion of 33,000 emails (AFTER being subpoenaed)  that she says were “personal only”. Right. If you believe that I’ve got a bridge to sell you.
  3. Destruction of cell phones to hide the data on them. The State Department destroyed iPhones (by smashing them). Do you really think someone who is innocent would ever think to do that? Only if you’re a complete idiot.
  4. Clinton Foundation only does great things. Hillary Clinton exclaims the Clinton foundation does so many wonderful things in the world it’s a beautiful organization. There’s nothing to see here because it does so much great work. Let me tell you about my Dog Sh#% Brownies I make. You will LOVE them. I promise. They are made up of 90% amazing ingredients, and only 10% dog sh#%. The Clinton Foundation is only 10% Dog Sh#$ shrouded and hidden by the good things that it does.
  5. Amnesia. Do you really think when she tells the FBI 39 times “I can’t remember” details about things about her server, that she’s not lying? Again, blind idiot if you do.
  6.  Anyone who REALLY knows anything about her server pleads the 5th and tells NOTHING. Wow. Evidence of being innocent if I’ve ever seen it.
  7. She has repeatedly lied about whether she sent or received classified information on her server. She did. SO said the FBI. She denies every time.
  8. Here seemingly innocent description of how she landed in Bosnia under heavy fire and had to get off runway. The video of that moment shows NO gunfire, and Mrs. Clinton casually walking around shaking hands and talking to people taking her time like any other day. No worries or hurries.

So if you drink the coolaid of the Clintons are ok because nothing has ever been proven, welcome to the club of the duped. Feel popular, because you’re not alone. You have so many idiots with you.

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